OMS Webservice  

This is the index page of the Online Messenger Service webservice.Use the Online Messenger Service webservice to add a Messenger (like ICQ, MSN Messenger, America Online Instant Messenger) to your OWN applications!It completely interacts with any other client of OMS that are availableon this site!

If you are looking for the WSDL files, please use the menu on the left!

The OMS webservice has the following features:
*User management (Create, Change, Delete)
*Offline Users Management (Add, Delete)
*Private Messages (Send, Receive, Delete)
*Offline Messages (Send, Receive, Delete)
*Userlist (Online Users, Offline Users)
*UserInfo (Username,Firstname,Lastname,Country,e-mail)
*Find user
*Status (online,freeforchat,phone,toilet,gaming,eating,meeting,busy,away,donotdisturb)
*Display Names
*Hiding from Other Users
*Chat Window (Multiple users in one discussion)

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